Issues to address:




( when present triggers trigger

   memories of past trauma)



Covid-19 Lock Down Trauma.

                                              During the 2020 Lock down we faced restrictions oh a level most of us had never experienced in our lifetime.

 After a while the media reminded us of the 1918 pandemic which gave us a precedent.

                                                               the impacts of fear of the pandemic are unpredictable - weather people take it in their stride or weather they respond with fight, flight or fear  is not a conscous decision but occurs in the auto systems largely the amygulda.  

Some will for the first time in their lives experience lock down trauma.

Some, as happened to me, were retraumatised. I have worked hard  during the last twelve months, read a lot  and strategised a lot. and prayed a lot.

     I am writing out of what I have learnt. 

Some were subjected to  domestic violance ( up 44%) , some were subjected to domestic sexual abuse( up 22%)  (1)

 Some just struggled to stay at home being unaccustomed to such confinement.

Some became anxious, others depresseed.

 How can we become more resiliant?   

  1.   Music sooths the soul.    
  •                 Whilst congregational singing was, and end June 2021 in Sydney once again for two weeks, banned

            Some Churches improvised recording musicians each recorded in their own home.

  • I found doing searches on You Tube I could listen to music in my study on line.
  • I would encourage more musicians to put recordings on line with virtual tickets

                              or Pay Pal donations to bring financial relief.


     2.  Zoom meetings.

     3.  Ring up friends and relatives.   use txt  email   whatever works for you

     4.  When shopping wearing a face mask,  smile at other customers as we step to the side to allow other customers

                  to pass  preferably at 1.5m   

      5.  It's all about infection control.

      6.   We can socialise at 1.5m wearing a mask.    We can be hears speaking through our masks   most of the time.

                      using sanitiser helps

      7. one of the first Sundays after church I suggested hi five from 2-3 m.  It worked

               I've been practiced it through 2020 and 2021.  

      8.  I hope to add other strategies  

  I have used the lower side column to name some feelings/ emotions felt.  WE will be felt by some or none.

I have named them as sometimes naming it empowers us to  find strategies or resolutions

   or to negate them  or do internet searches to be equiped to cope or respond more positively.


     My page was written as a starting point and was never intended to be authoritive or comprehensive

as nice as it would be to achieve both objectives. 








1.   Statistics from the help lines who took the calls.