This parable is about an adult survivor.
The robed man is an adult.

That Jesus told this parable
about an adult man
who was assulted

demonstrates that Jesus Christ
acknowledges that adult men
are sometimes overpowered
and assulted.

The Good Samaritan
provided first aid
and ongoing care
to this man
who survived
being  bashed
and robed.


Let's not forget the context of this Parable.

A man asked Jesus which is the greatest commandment

Jesus quotes two:

  • to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.
  • to love out neighbor as ourselves.
The man asked Jesus "Who is my neighbor?
the parable is Jesus reply.
It is also a perfect example of

how to be a detraumatiser.

The traveller had been beaten and robed.
       left helpless,  abondoned.
 worse two religous men saw him and ignored his need.

A stranger cared,  I fact a man from a hostile ethnic group.

Early intervention .

  • He stoped
  • He washed the mans wounds
  • He bound his wounds
  • He took him to the inn - to rest.
  • He paid for a stay long enough to detraumatise
as he progresed through the first stags of recovery.