Comfort,O comfort my people,
says your God. .............................Isaiah 40 verse 1


= unabondonment
Comfort for Christian Men.
Encouragement in the scriptures:

  • John Chapter 14  verse 27   starting with
"Do not let your hearts be troubled..."

  • Psalm 23 starts with "The Lord is my Shepherd..."

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This page is dedicated to the young man I sad next to during the 2010 Hillsong Album Recording.  Throughout the whole evening he sat disconnected beside me on the very back row. As I worshiped God and prayed for survivors of csa, I prayed for the unresponsive man beside me.  After the meeting ended, I sat down and enquired
what was troubling him.
as he blurted out "abondonment"   he started to cry as he blurted out "no one caares"
in his strong American accent which made the word "cares" elongated and haunting.
I assured him that I care.  He relpieed he could see I do care.  I do.
I gave him my card and all week waited for his call.   it never came.
I know his name, but respecting his privacy.
Sir - I dedicate this page to you.
and Pray that one day you will read it
and that you will find :
committed friends
understanding friends
and the comforter.

"May the Presence of God  be with my friend"

and with you, my reader.

a  cross link is to retraumatisation. which,  ` occurs when we reach out for help and finda vicuum - it might be  posting a survivor issue on facebook expecting responses only to check in the next day to find no likes, coments or shares.   That one gets to me .